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Gregor Teggatz

WORK: photography, web design/development, video, visual communication.
SOCIAL: Instagram: gregorteggatz, Facebook: Gregor Teggatz, LinkedIn: Gregor Teggatz, YouTube: Gregor Teggatz
CONTACT: info@gregorteggatz.de or gregor@voguemail.com
PERSONAL: Since I got my first camera, I have been pretty curious to observe my surroundings. Sometimes when light hits the lens of my camera something unique happens... and these are the moments I want to share with you.
PROJECTS: I am constantly looking for new projects such as:

RESULT: I like to take the time to find out how to fulfill your needs. Instead of working in a cold studio, I try to create a relaxed atmosphere on location, so that you act naturally in front of the camera and don't feel like one of many customers. Send me an email or message on Instagram or Facebook, where you can also follow my work to stay tuned.
TO BUY: All rights reserved, however, if you would like to reuse some of my work, let me know and we can most certainly find a way...You can also find some of my work on Photocircle.net, if you want to support it and, more important, social projects.

Thanks, enjoy my work!